Tuesday, October 6, 2020

xCAT Configuration

 xCAT configuration is saved in a database which consists of many tables (commandtabdumpcan show a list of all tables). The default DB xCAT uses issqlite’. This can be changed to MySQL (MariaDB), PostgreSQL or others.

Different tables in xCAT DB are for different purposes. There are a handful of common tables which need to be configured for all kind of hardware but there are some specific tables which are only used for specific kind of environment. For example ppc’ table will only be used when using Power PC based hardware and prodkey’ table will only be used when installing MS Windows environment.

It’s time to configure common xCAT tables. Let’s do it.

tabedit site

Make sure you edit these lines. If these lines are not present then add new ones.






Note: You need to use the network interface which is set with IP10.0.0.11’. In my case it isenp0s3

tabedit networks

The table should be looking like this



It’s always a good idea to changenetname’ to a name which is easy to understand. Also add dynamicrange’ for DHCP. Other fields are normally pre-filled.

Useful Notes: Since this is just a POC environment and we don’t need any IPMI or other networks i.e 10G or IPoIB (Infiniband). In real world these networks are normally required.

 tabedit hosts

Add all nodes with their IP addresses. This will help us in generating ‘/etc/hostsfile.




tabedit noderes



You can use ‘pxe’ instead of ‘xnba’ but ‘xnba’ is recommended as this supports more options than ‘pxe’

tabedit passwd



Password can be in plain text or encrypted. Encrypted password can be copied from/etc/shadowfile.

tabedit chain



This was the minimal table configuration. To deploy nodes an OS ISO needs to be copied to omasternode. Type this command to get this done.

copycds CentOS-7-x86_64-Everything-2003.iso

This will copy the OS into /install directory. The ISO doesn’t have to include Everything, normal ISO is good enough for installation.

Here you go. This is the least configuration we need to add.

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